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Current version: 0.8


LevelUp is a tilemap editor for general purpose map editing. It's focus is on workflow, versatility and usability. It's functionality ranges from map tiling over custom zones and entity placement to creating linestrips for pathes or collision. See #Feature List for a complete feature rundown

Bad quality video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7aRqpSTQWo


The aim is to have the entire process of creating a level for your game as painless as possible, from the first tile to the press of the export button. Everything should just work as easy and fast as it can get without losing control.

  • Project, Map and Asset management.
  • Indefinite mapsizes, no restrictions to tile in any direction.
  • Powerful brush tools to create your map.
  • Creating Entities with custom attributes (enemy spawns, doors, switches, chests etc).
  • Creating Triggers with custom attributes (death zones, triggers, areas etc)
  • Export to XML in an easy-to-parse format.
  • Focus on workflow and usabilty

v0.7 v0.7


ChangeLog v0.8 - 30.jan 2013


Cleaned up the interface
Custom layerlist
Disabled skinning
Implemented custom color themes
Uses custom font (Tempesta seven regular)
Preview selection when using the stamp tool or placing entities
Printing system messages console style
Tips of the day


Unlimited undo! [ctrl][z]
Implemented colored Triggerboxes (deathzones etc.)
Render map to image (and save to file)
Removal for Entity- and TriggerTypes
Changed Keybindings:
[b] tilebrush
[a] areabrush
[s] stampbrush
[e] eraser
[t] trigger
[n] entity
Added Refill to fill the last drawn area with different random tiles [r]


Exports triggers with name, position, size and attributes.




[MiddleMouseButton] Drag the map around


[B] Brush 
 Left: Draw random tile from selection
 Right: Pick tiles from rectangular selection 

[A] Rectangle 
 Left: Draw random tiles from selection
 Right: Pick tiles from rectangular selection

[S] Stamp 
 Left: Place Selected Area
 Right: Pick tiles from rectangular selection

[E] Erase
 Left: Erase tile
 Right: Erase tiles in rectangular selection

[R] Refill
 Refills the last area selection with new random tiles


Select the Entity-Tab [N] to go into Entity-edit-mode
 Left: Place entity of the current Type
 Right: Remove selected Entity
 Hover to select entity


Select the Trigger-Tab [T] to go into Trigger-edit-mode
 Leftclickdrag: Create new trigger
 Leftclickdrag within trigger: move trigger around
 Rightclickdrag: resize selected trigger
 [Delete] to remove the selected trigger

Import templates

[[AS3] Import Template for Flashpunk as of version v0.5b]

Feature List


[x]indefinite mapsizes
[ ]measurement/grid
[x]rectangular select + copy/paste 
  [ ]export
[x]project management/mapcontainer
[~]export file format
 [x]xml - look into xml schemata (http://pastebin.com/wYgqdWiq)
 [ ]json
 [ ]csv
 [ ]binary - http://www.wayofthepixel.net/index.php?topic=14923.0
[x]one click export
[ ]hotkey profiles


[x]highlight the current layer working in
[x]change order
[ ]parallax offset


[ ]tile brushes 
 [x]leftclick draws tiles randomly taken from the tilematrix
 [x]rightclick selects an area into the tilematrix
 [x]tiles - draw tiles 
  [ ]use 2ddda to interpolate between positions
  [ ]add line drawing while you're at it
 [x]area - draws tiles in an area
 [x]stamp - stencils the tilematrix onto the map
 [ ]flood fill - fills enclosed areas
 [x]eraser tool

[x]tilematrix - stores a list of the previously used tile selections, tiles drawn are picked from here
[ ]funkytiler - automatically placing edge tiles for rough level skulpting 
[x]entities - like spawn point and entity positioning
 [x]import sprites to draw them respectively
 [x]custom attributes
[ ]paths - can be used for enemy pathing or collisions
 [ ]curves! (maybe)
[x]triggers - named areas/boxes - death-zones, goal areas


[x]autoreload modified tilesets
[ ]switch
[ ]tileswap/tilearrangement
[ ]animated tiles (i'll figure something out)


[x]project panel
 [x]save/load map list
 [x]configure tile size
 [x]Project-wide asset management


[ ]baked lightmaps (that is just silly, mapdata will become huge! and baked 2d lighting? who will use that anyways...)
[ ]color themes / custom skins
[ ]scripting for procedural map generation
[ ]render tileset and layer previews to buttons

Known issues

Mono will not support split-boxes until 2.12 - try to compile from the mono repository, that should work.
Problems with maploading through mono - might be the file dialog or xmlserialization

Channels for Feedback

Twitter: http://twitter.com/wzl_

GPWiki Forums: http://forum.gpwiki.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&p=144844

Tigsource Forums: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=30079.0

Irc: irc://irc.afternet.org/levelup


Download v0.8: http://wzl.vg/src/LevelUpv0.8.zip

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